• Products & Services is one of the pioneers in the field of IT based business communication in state of Orissa focusing on creating innovative and effective web sites, multimedia presentations and software applications that are tailor made to suit individual business needs.

    The moving spirit behind the organization, C.Chandra Shekhar is a management graduate from the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. With a solid grounding in sales, marketing and finance, he has an acute understanding of the communication needs of small, medium and large organizations. This understanding is translated into effective solutions with the help of a core team of committed IT professionals with highly specialized skills.

    Starting from the first website in 1997 - www.orissa-tourism.com, Products & Services has been quietly been helping government, public sector, private sector and non governmental organizations in establishing their web presence. Today, with more than 30 websites online, Products & Services has gathered a wealth of experience in diverse areas such as Travel & Tourism, Power Regulation, Infrastructure development, News & Media, Art & Culture and the Social sector among others.

    As a corollary to web based communications, Products & Services also develops world class interactive as well as non-interactive multimedia presentations and stand-alone software applications designed to collect, collate and analyse data.

  • Products & Services can provide a broad range of skills and competencies to create attractive and dynamic solutions

Skill sets


Windows XP/NT/2000, Linux


Microsoft Office


HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, VB 6, Java, C & C++, XML


SQL Server, Access, Oracle, MySQL

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Adobe Illustrator 9.0

Multimedia & Animation

Macromedia Flash MX, Director 7.0

Web Development Environments

Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage

Report Writing

Crystal Reports and Adobe PDF

Web Server Technologies

IIS 4.0 & 5.0, Index Server, Apache Web Server

  • Portfolio - Websites:

    • In today's age, a website has become an extremely important business communication tool. Depending upon the organization's needs, it could be an electronic brochure of the organization's products & services; it could serve as an effective tool for interaction between geographically dispersed divisions; it could be a link between the organization and its suppliers; it could also provide a cost effective method of selling products and services all over the world. At Products & Services, we have done it all - from creating e-tendering systems to monitoring systems for the entire power sector in Orissa, from Intranets to Extranets, from simple brochure sites to complex database driven user friendly newspaper sites. Given below is a sampling of some of the websites created by us:

Government / Public Sector


Department of Tourism

Orissa Mining Corporation




Private Sector



Swosti Plaza

Aditya Solar Shop

Travel Club

Z Hotel

Individuals / Associations

Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar

Orissa Tennis Association

Innerwheel Club

Ghani Zaman

Ileana Citaristi

Bhubaneswar Club

  • Portfolio - Multimedia Presentations:

    • As a part of its bouquet of Business communication products, Products & Services has created customized presentations for organizations such as the Department of Tourism (presentations on Orissa Tourism that were shown at ITB Berlin and WTM London), IDCO (presentations for marketing Info City and Fortune Towers), Rotary Club (presentations during the District Conference) and the Swosti Group (presentations on their hotels and for their Travels division). Depending upon the nature of the project a variety of tools ranging from Microsoft PowerPoint to Macromedia Flash & Director and Adobe Premiere were used to create effective and impressive presentations.

  • Portfolio - Software Development: 

    • Business communication is a two way process. An efficient organization uses the communication process to listen as well as to speak. While some information is collected through a website, a lot of data is also generated and collected offline. To ensure that this valuable data is also available for dissemination, Products & Services has created stand-alone software packages using VB and Crystal Reports with Oracle as the backend, for data entry and analysis. These packages are also web enabled so as to make the information available worldwide.

The Kalinga war

In 261 B.C., emperor Ashoka fought his last war against Kalinga on the outskirts of the modern Bhubaneswar. The Kalinga army, though hopelessly outnumbered, put up a fierce resistance and the casualities numbered in many thousands - so much so that the river Daya turned red with blood. Dismayed by the bloodshed Ashoka chose to renounce war from then on and embraced Buddhism.

The spread of Buddhism in the entire world can be traced directly to this change of heart.

Products & Services is proud to be based in this valiant land which continues to silently mould the world with its strength and wisdom.

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